Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Stay Safe in the Sun with Rocky Mountain Sunscreen

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Staying safe in the sun is important. The skin needs to be protected from sun damage so that premature aging and skin cancer will not develop. In order to provide ample protection from the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun, it is imperative to wear a reliable sunscreen.

Savvy individuals who do not want to limit time outdoors but want to have the appropriate protection for their skin will be eager to shop at It is possible to buy Rocky Mountain Sunscreen in bulk so that there will never be any worry about running out while on vacation or during the hot summer months. It is more economical to buy sunscreen in this way, especially when considering that the product has a shelf life of two years.

Gun Safes Protect More than Firearms

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When manufacturers design and test gun safes, the intended primary use is the protection of guns. These safes are designed to keep unauthorized users from accessing guns and potentially harming others. They are also designed to protect innocent children by securing dangerous firearms so that they are out of sight and out of reach. Luckily, you are never limited to the primary intended use for any item.

Many gun owners use their gun safes to lock up all of their valuables. You can open one of these safes and easily find jewelry, gold, gems and stashes of cash along with firearms. In some cases, the safe is filled with valuable items but no guns at all. There are a few reasons that this type of safe often doubles as a safe for high-dollar items:

Ways to Make Healthcare Services More Efficient

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With technology advancing a little bit every day, it is becoming easier for healthcare and dental establishments to provide their clients with amazing accommodations. One accommodation that has helped a great deal of patients is the preregistration system. Patients can preregister with their nearest hospitals so that they can obtain immediate care if an accident occurs. Preregistration can save a person time that he or she may not have if a serious injury occurs.

Some doctors’ offices have started using laptops for all of their transactions and appointments. They order prescriptions and set appointments with the click of a mouse. This decreases time for the doctor and the patient. The doctor can spend more time on the patient by using electronic processing, and the patient can receive his or her prescription in approximately 15 minutes instead of standing in line and waiting to turn in a paper form.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Barnana Organic Chewy Banana Bites :: A Healthy Snack Choice

When shopping for healthy snacks, always check the ingredients. The fewer ingredients, the better! Since dried fruit is typically a simple sweet snack, it's a great choice to reach for, and to travel with too. One of my current favorites is from Barnana, the creators of a line of chewy banana bites made from wholesome organic ingredients.

 I received complimentary product for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own. 

Prior to receiving these samples for review, I had already tried the Barnana original and chocolate. So yes, I was thrilled when Barnana recently unveiled their latest flavors, coconut and peanut butter.

My favorite dried fruit is definitely bananas. But texture is so very important! I'm not a hard banana chip fan, but instead I prefer the hard-to-find, soft and chewy dried banana texture so inevitably, Barnana was love at first bite.

These raw, USDA Organic, gluten-free, and Non-GMO Project Verified snacks are not only tasty, but nutritious. Bananas are an excellent source of potassium, and also a good source of fiber. 

Dried bananas are naturally brown, but don't let the look distract you from the delicious flavor! The original is just bananas and nothing else. They are soft, chewy one to two bite pieces that are naturally sweet. They're so good that I ordered a case of twelve, and they're already half way gone after just a couple weeks. They're hard to resist!

It was over 100 degrees when these arrived, so the peanut butter melted pretty good! We just threw them in the fridge and broke apart the pieces and they still tasted great. Typically they're more rounded with a shiny natural glaze.

The peanut butter is a little on the very sweet side, so if you don't have a sweet tooth like me you may not like this flavor. Combined with the banana it may be a bit much for some, but Buddy and I enjoy it.

The coconut is a perfect blend of just organic bananas and organic coconut. I never thought this combo would be good, but I really, really like it. This flavor creates an even softer, chewier texture and the pieces are sized a bit more consistently too. The coconut also makes these extra high in fiber, with 11 grams per serving, or about 27.5 grams per bag.

Remember how I mentioned the importance of a short ingredients list? All that's in the original is 5 bananas and water. The ingredients mention organic bananas and organic banana powder, which helps the pieces to not stick together, but it's all banana.

Between the four flavors, I definitely reach for the original the most but as a family we enjoy them all at different times. I consider the chocolate and peanut butter flavors to be treats, since they taste more sweet and have added organic dried cane syrup. And although any Barnana flavor is a sweet snack, at least the original and coconut are totally free of added sugars and they're such a simple, wholesome snack.

Take Barnana with you on car rides, camping trips, hikes, or enjoy at your office desk. They're a satisfying snack, a great midday pick up, and the texture is fantastic.

Find Barnana by checking the store locator, or shop online at (and use code LIVENATURAL for 15% off your first order!).

Monday, July 21, 2014

Back to School Rules with Umi, Tea Collection and Mabel’s Labels {NEW Sweepstakes} US/CAN

Umi Children's Shoes has partnered with Tea Collection and Mabel’s Labels to run a fun Back to School giveaway!

Three Grand Prize winners will receive a $100 Umi Gift Card, Tea Collection Wardrobe Set ($149 value), and 2 Mabel’s Labels Big Kaboodle™ Combos ($96 value).

To enter, go to Umi's website and complete the tasks on the Rafflecopter form. This sweepstakes ends on August 3, 2014, so enter today!


Friday, July 18, 2014

Beat the Heat with Raging Waters in Sacramento {Our Family's Review}

 I received complimentary passes for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own.

Recently my family had the pleasure of being invited to Raging Waters, a water park in Sacramento, California. We chose a very hot 100+ degree Sunday to cool off! As Sacramento’s largest water park, Raging Waters features more than 25 exciting water attractions for the whole family, so rest assured there's plenty to do for everyone.

Since it had been well over ten years since my last visit to Raging Waters Sacramento, it was nice to receive a personal tour of the park before arriving at our private cabana on Shipwreck Reef - a lovely surprise of generous hospitality that we were not expecting!

Our private cabana on Shipwreck Reef was completely surrounded by the Calypso Cooler Lazy River and accessible from just one pathway. We had a table and chairs, lounge chairs and two inner tubes specifically for cabana rentals only. We returned to our cabana frequently to eat (cabanas include meal service), rest, and reapply sunscreen. We were provided a locker rental for our wallets and valuables, which I still recommend since anyone can technically come into the cabana areas. Actually, after returning to our cabana from our last attraction of the day, someone had snagged our two inner tubes! However, we definitely recommend renting a cabana for the day of your visit. It's worth having a designated shaded area just for you.

Since Buddy is just a couple inches under the 48" minimum height requirement for bigger kid attractions, we mostly stuck around the attractions that Buddy could enjoy. Those were the Treehouse Reef, Calypso Cooler Lazy River, and the Breaker Beach Wave Pool. But I'll show you photos of a few of the larger attractions, some of which Hubby or I went on.

Next stop, the Calypso Cooler Lazy River. This slow-moving, 800-foot river is perfect to start off with to get used to the cold water. We probably went around it a dozen times during our visit, and it turned out to be Buddy's favorite. Later in the day after we found the free life jackets at Treehouse Reef Buddy really felt free to swim and float down the Lazy River without hanging on to mom or dad the whole time. 

Treehouse Reef is perfect for young kids. With several open slides, tunnel slides, and even three big ones (see below), there was plenty of excitement for Buddy. There was also plenty of water shooting out at various places, getting everyone nice and soaked. You do wade around in at least a foot of water in this play area, so that definitely slows down any kids that try and run. This is great for keeping cool, staying safe, and keeping your kiddos within a safe distance. Buddy had tons of fun here!

After testing out the little slides, Buddy couldn't wait to check out the big ones that little kids are still allowed to go on. I was shocked and amazed to see him climb the last flight of stairs to the top all by himself. Totally fearless! He wanted to go on the red one, which I went down first so I could make sure he got out okay. Dad went after Buddy and we did this several times. Buddy was absolutely thrilled with himself!

Also great for the tiniest tots is the Shark Pool, which is only 2 feet deep. We didn't get over here this time since Buddy had enough to do at Treehouse Reef.

Breaker Beach Wave Pool is also little kid friendly, with lots of adult supervision of course. Kids under 48" are required to wear a life jacket within this area. Waves are created about every 5 minutes or so, and it's extra fun floating on an inner tube! Buddy also liked to be able to jump up as each wave came to feel it carry him up and down.

A shot of the Calypso Cooler Lazy River running next to Breaker Beach Wave Pool. Ah yes, how lovely it was to enjoy the cool water on such a hot day.

A peek at the Stingray and Manta Ray slide exits for one rider each. Also in the area are the Mako and Hammerhead which allow two riders together and the Great White which allows one to three riders. Since each of these has the minimum 48" height requirement, that meant that only the Stingray and Manta Ray would work for us since one of us had to stay with Buddy at all times. That's definitely something to keep in mind if your party is just two adults and little kids.

Splashdown launches you out of the slide and down into a 10-foot deep pool. If you enjoy creating a huge splash, this is a fun slide you don't want to miss.

The dare devil Cliffhanger Speed Slide - we definitely didn't have the guts to do this attraction, but I remember the weightless free-fall very well from my last visit years ago!

Other attractions we tried were the Dragon's Den and the Honolulu Half Pipe - I totally screamed on that one. It was a blast!

Forget your sunscreen? Want to find a souvenir? The Big Kahuna Surf Shop has you covered! You'll also find an ATM inside, just in case.

There are two cafes to grab some lunch in the park. They serve your typical park foods like cheeseburgers, hot dogs and chicken tenders. When planning your visit, keep in mind that sealed plastic water bottles, baby formula and special food are the the only outside food or drinks allowed in the park. Since I'm strictly gluten-free with a wheat allergy, I was able to bring a few snacks in for myself without a problem.

As you can see we had a wonderful day at Raging Waters and we're excited to go back. We may not be the most adventurous, thrill-seeking family, but you don't have to be to enjoy this water park. There are so many attractions to keep you busy for hours.

Ready to visit Raging Waters in Sacramento? My family suggests you wear a rashguard top if you burn easily along with lots of sunscreen, and perhaps water shoes since the concrete gets really hot in the afternoon. Enjoy the sun and water safely!

Don't forget to take advantage of this special offer -----> Use code 40128 to get $8 off of the $31.99 General Admission gate price when you purchase your tickets on Raging Water Sac’s online site,!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Stay at Home Mums: An Education

Disclosure: This is a guest post submitted by Kira B.
For stay at home mums, learning new skills is exceptionally rewarding and can facilitate everything from establishing a new career, to learning a new skill, or even starting a business from the ground up.

The world of continued learning can be anything from taking a short course at a local college to delving into the world of online education, and can cover topics ranging from upholstering furniture to growing fruit and veg, to accounting and economics! Here are a few important things to consider when embarking into the exciting world of extended education.

Know Where to Start 
Deciding to take a course of any variety means doing some research prior to enrollment. It’s important to make phone calls and speak to some alumni if possible, to get a first-hand account of the experience and the curriculum.

Take the time to compare a few options and look at everything from costs to accreditation. Sourcing a course that’s right for you takes some time, but is ultimately much more rewarding in the long run.

Take to the Internet 
Web-based learning is a fantastic option for busy mums in need of flexible schedules. Sometimes making it into a class every week just isn’t possible.

Taking courses online offers mums the chance to study something new on their own terms and working within the parameters of their busy home lives. Many online courses offer student support in a variety of forms so mums won’t feel isolated and can easily get answers to questions from professional support staff.

Try Vocational Education 
For a more social approach to learning, technical and vocational education and training ranges from basic diploma courses to post graduate degrees, and can facilitate everything from curious creative pursuits to full blown career conversion.

The decision to learn something new is always going to be a good one; but it’s important to take the time to consider goals, schedules and interests.

Mums are always pursuing new challenges and continuing education, regardless of prior experience, is sure to yield positive and productive results.