Dieting Demystified

dieting demystifiedAchieving your weight loss goals might be as simple as making just one simple change to the way you eat. As you know, exercise is just half the equation. Fortunately, it doesn’t involve some strange diet concoction or denying yourself great tasting food.

And there’s no starving yourself, either – an all too common problem and the #1 reason most diets fail.

A diet which focuses on protein, healthy fats and fibre is key and will leave you feeling fuller for longer.

For breakfast, try eggs and avocado. Avocados are natures fat burning super-fruit and replace harmful sugar with delicious healthy fats.

For a quick and easy fix, try a whey protein shake. They’re loaded with branched-chain amino acids, the building blocks of protein, which keep you full and help you build lean muscle, a potent metabolism booster.

Chop up some fresh fruit and mix with natural yoghurt and high-fibre cereal for another tasty treat that’s ready in minutes. The fat in yoghurt contains conjugated linoleic acid, which slims your waistline.

Once your diet is on-track, make sure you’re also getting 6+ hours of sleep per night to ward off metabolic disease and obesity.

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