The Centers for Medicare Services makes Medicare Information available on quality of service and cost of healthcare. The new rules proposed by the CMS make it easier to select high-quality and low-cost health care services from physicians, hospitals and other health care providers. Making this information available to the public will empower them to make smart decisions about their health care. He hopes that the performance reports will increase higher-quality and cost-effective health care for millions of consumers.

Considering Medicare supplement Plans 2019, transparency can be just as important when it comes to Medicare Advantage Plans and Medigap Insurance. Did you know that Medigap Plans are standardized by law to offer pre-set benefits? The same cannot be said about Advantage Plans, though, you’ll have to scrutinize benefits, such as which medications each plan covers.

To be sure you have the coverage you’ll need requires deciphering Medicare’s benefits and comparing that to your regular doctor and hospital bills. Then, look for one of several Medicare Advantage Plans or Medigap Plans that can pick up any left-over medical expenses. Once you’ve decided what additional coverage you’ll need and which plan can best fill in Medicare’s gaps, you’ll need to research how prices compare for that plan.

There’s still little transparency when it comes to how Medicare Supplement Plans are priced. Research reveals that certain people unfortunately pay hundreds of dollars more than others for the exact same benefits. To compare prices, check out rates from multiple insurance companies or use an online website to help you compare rates from different insurers by running quotes on multiple plans with a single quote request. This is a free service and the quotes are accurate. It’s a quick way to narrow down the selection of various plans.

Medigap insurance can have the same coverage for vastly different prices since Medicare Supplemental insurance or Medigap plans are standardized to offer the same benefits, it’s logical to expect pricing would also be standardized. Nothing could be further from the truth. Medigap insurance has been divided into ten different benefit packages designated by letters ranging from A through N. Medigap Plan A has the minimum coverage, but Plan N does not have the most comprehensive coverage. In fact, some people have paid hundreds of dollars more than others for the very same coverage. Learn how the industry works so you can find to the best value available for you.